Red Underwear & Red Lingerie

Set hearts racing with our range of red lingerie.

Red isn't reserved for Valentine's Day - wear our red underwear sets all year round and make every day a special occasion. Our red lingerie is never one-size-fits-all, and we know it's never one-style-suits-all either. That's why we have designs from lace to embroidered, and fabrics from silk to bamboo to give you the power to choose what you like. This collection isn't a one-time wear - we're confident it'll be love at first sight.

Every girl needs some red underwear. Add some spice to your outfits by styling your red Lounge lingerie under your clothes. We know that the underwear you wear can make or break your outfit, and this collection of red lingerie has options for every occasion. You can shop confidently knowing the red underwear in this collection never compromises on comfort (it's always a given with Lounge).

Shop the full collection of red lingerie and red underwear now.

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